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Saturday, August 05, 2006

angela's all local BBQ potluck

a great all local potluck last night at angela's place.
the pictures tell the food story...

aziza kindly brought over baskets full of intervale veggies. kale, cucumbers, peppers, string beans, tomatoes, basil, flowers, etc etc. thanks aziza!

mandy's spontaneous cookies (see recipe below). maple oat cookie goodness worshipped by the deprived seamonster sweettooths.

a bunch of grilled veggies. delicious!

phoebe made some potato and beet chips. they were a hit.

mandy's polenta with herbed gravy.

here is the boyden riverbend red wine that gahlord sourced out.

and greg's slaw made from carrots, cucumber, fennel and daikon.

thanks to grillmaster gahlord for tending the coals and to everyone else that came out and brought yummy food. fun times!



At 5:22 PM, Anonymous mandy said...

What, no photos of the meat cookies?


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