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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


i like being a local foods detective. today i called vermont village cannery to see where the apples for their awesome unsweetened sauce are grown. i chatted with a lovely gentleman who excused himself for editorializing from the get go. but oh the things i learned! their organic sauce is hardly local since they do a pretty decent volume. insert impressive numbers and stuff here. but oh how they wish it was entirely vermont grown! he said if there were more organic apple growers they would buy every last apple! he went so far as to encourage me to write a paper or give some sort of presentation on how there really is a market for organic vermont apples. he seemed a bit frustrated...wanting to do something the company really stood behind but not being able to because of a much larger picture.

side note: i've been reading "epitaph for a peach" which chronicles 4 seasons on a family peach farm in fresno, california while the farmer/author, david mas masumoto, works to transition his orchard to organic. i have dog eared many a page in the book. last night i dog eared the one that read:

"supporters of 'environmentally friendly' agriculture encourage us farmers to talk with our neighbors and tell our story. what can i say to the hmong refugee family if they lose both a strawberry crop and the ability to put food on the table? i refuse to become a missionary. i simply want to remain friends my neighbors as we share common ground."

basically he says the only farmers that take risks are those that can afford them.

ANYWAY. back to vermont village cannery gentleman...he did say that their non-organic/all-natural line of applesauces use all locally grown apples from south hero! hooray! next i called city market to see if they carried it and they do! the customer service rep there was super helpful as well, even telling me which aisle i could find it in. but i was a little frustrated after being transferred to the bulk section where i heard vague responses to my questions about their lack of local cornmeal, beans, and flour. i was counting on this supply...what if they don't get anymore for a few weeks? and did other localvores stock up apocalypse style? because that's a little annoying.

i was sharing that frustration with a coworker yesterday when she said that she went to buy garlic from our staff farm stand at work and it was all gone. sheepishly i admitted to buying 5 bags of it. then i gave her one. hey, i would have given her more but that's all she wanted!

anyway, day 1 & 2 of the challenge went well. but i kept finding myself in, well, challenging situations. this surprised me as i have never been on a diet or really had to say no to foods except those that, say, gross me out. in fact, i love to say yes to food! but on hot work days when coworkers all go for ice cream it feels weird. i am proud of the eat local challenge and being part of it, but it's just a realm i've never been in. the realm of wanting to eat treats, but saying no. and then my coworkers apologize. which isn't necessary, but i could see myself responding the same way if the ol' tables were turned. so then do i make sure i'm never in those "let's go out for beer and french fries" situations [which honestly don't happen too often anyway] or do i make sure i'm always prepared with my own snacks and such. OR do i only hang with other localvores? of course not, but i can see how it would make things a little less challenging at times.

on to the super yummy parts: for dinner last night and lunch today i had pureed white beans with roasted garlic, sage, and butter. topped it all off with purple, yellow, and green beans, sauteed with garlic, onions, and more butter! i also made zucchini muffins to snack on alongside plain yogurt, maple syrup and frozen blueberries.
these things came from: shelburne farms, butterworks farm, adam's berry farm, hillsboro sugarworks, cabot, river berry farm, half pint farm, and my kitchen window!

i'll post some recipes soon.



At 8:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angela - thanks for checking into the apple sauce situation. We bought some, and I will use it without guilt in all future baked goods. Yum for everyone!

As far as sticky situations go, I am feeling good about "not indulging." I faced down a lemon poppyseed scone yesterday at work, something I would normally just bite right into without second thoughts. It felt good to show some restraint, though my coworkers are teasing me about it, like, "Want a squeeze a lime on that tempeh salad? Oh, sorry, haha!" We are dealing with an arbitrary circle of 100 miles for a foodshed, afterall, which is kind of absurd. But fun! I'm eating yogurt with wheat gern, oats and blueberries as I type.

Off to work with you McMuffiscuits!


At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I mean MY McMuffiscuits. Sorry, Greg was bothering me.

At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard a similar tale of remorse when I emailed with Rock Art Brewery. Here's the response I got from my email describing the challenge etc:

"What your doing is awesome! I have thought about it. My garden is my life right now. Just not ready to drop my morning coffee and my end of day beer. Pretty sad!

At this time we are in the same boat as Otter Creek. Wish I could offer you a great local brew! We grow hops at the house. They are starting to get nice cones right now. Being a smaller brewery I would like to consider doing the kind of brew you are looking for at some point. If we do we will post it on the website. "


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