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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

gd & mf - day one

day one was a success.
it wasnt too hard to eat all local.
although i had a bad headache all day probably from not eating enough sugar or caffeine or from the heat or all of those things.

i had a bowl of butterworks maple yogurt with some oats and blackberries, sweetened it up with a little more maple syrup.

had a sandwich - bread made by meghan (thanks so much!), cabot cheddar, and pete's greens baby spinach, and a glass of champlain apple cider

mandy whipped up a great little dinner. she sauteed some rhapsody tempeh with some local garlic and colchester shiitake mushrooms. then she cooked up some local fingerling potatoes in a cheese sauce made from cabot cheddar and strafford milk.
i added some digger's mirth greens and tomatoes to my dish. yummy yummy.

then we went to the roxy to get cool and watch strangers with candy. it wasnt too good. pretty corny and not really funny. but it was nice to cool off

you know we cant do without it!
blueberry icecream - strafford milk, adam's blueberries and some local honey.



At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing Greg failed to mention is this report: I used a lot of butter in the dinner. More on Mandy's new love of butter later.


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