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Thursday, August 03, 2006

gd & mf - day two

ill try to make this a daily post. we'll see what happens.
i wont bore you with descriptions of us eating the same things.
so here are a couple of our highlights from day two. day two was good.

late afternoon smoothie snack:
strawberries from adam's, butterworks yogurt and champlain apple cider.

butterworks white beans (i did a 2 hour hot soak which worked really well) sauteed in some olive oil with local garlic and diggers mirth fresh dill.
steamed kale from lewis creek farm (i think)
i threw in some digger's mirth tomatoes again for added flavor.
champlain valley goat cheese

youll notice in the top of the picture a nice loaf of bread. this was a huge score at city market yesterday.
turkenbrod makes breads from local grains and ingredients. we bought the spelt loaf (pictured above) and a whole grain cornbread loaf. they get their spelt and wheat from quebec. and all the other ingredients are from VT or part of the marco polo exception. hooray! for turkenbrod! now im wondering if those ladies that sell spelt bread at the north end farmer's market use local spelt as well. ill have to ask them next week.

mandy will be posting pictures of the blueberry muffiscuits she made. haha.



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