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Thursday, August 03, 2006


We all knew I couldn't go more than one day before I started in with my experimental baking. Yesterday I tried to make blueberry-honey muffins, but I had nothing to replace the eggs (thanks to Angela, I now have local a'sauce HOLLA), so I decided to make "oat eggs" and roll with it. I also had to use butter, which was bizarre and really flavorful. I am used to silent oils.

The batter was more like cookie batter than muffin batter, and I contemplated calling it cookies, but it did puff a little in the oven. And the flavor? Flaky, butter and blueberry explosions, aka McMuffiscuits. They're odd but good, more biscuit and muffin and kind of mealy in a good way.

On August 1st, I thought for sure I loved butter. But the butter novelty has already worn off. How many veggies fried in butter can a girl eat? Add to the list my delicious lunch: shikake mushrooms from Colchester, Rhapsody tempeh (leftover), my coworker Travis's green beans (which he eats out of a coffee cup he carries around - hilarious), fingerling potatoes, corn and cabot cheddar. I call it "McCorn Hash."

I think when this month is over, I am going to be a vegan.

- Mandy


At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am buttered up and out. It is only day three! Yesterday, I ate popcorn with butter, corn on the cob with butter, sweet potatoes with butter, and frozen blue berries(not butter)!
Butter and I are breaking it off for awhile!

At 7:17 PM, Anonymous angela said...

i am still super into the butter. in fact, i'm about to shake up my own from butterworks heavy cream. shake it! shake it! shake it! i'm going to put herbs in it!
however, i ate way too much cheese yesterday and had to take a break. until dinner where i had an egg scramble with garlic, zucchini, and of course shelburne farms cheddar.


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