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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

taco/burrito dinner

last night, mandy, angela and i had an excellent taco/burrito dinner bar which is a semi regular dinner at our house. it was very easy to do on the localvore diet.

mmmmmm. want a taco?

homemade flour tortilla with butterworks beans, shelburne cheddar / neighborly farms jack cheese mix, homemade salsa (tomatoes, garlic, jalapenos, & cilantro), shredded carrot, and sauteed colchester shiitake mushrooms. and a side of greens.

and for dessert.....strafford maple ice cream with champlain orchards peaches!


At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Mandy - in Wilmington with Patsy-Nancy right now as we type... and went to Trader Joe's for some treats - Looks like you and Greg are eating well-Nancy and I found your dinner by linking through Greg's Autumn Records site...


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