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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fridge Pickles and Eating Nonlocal

I am too tired today after a late night in Montreal to take a photo of my fridge pickles (see Meghan's blog), but I thought I'd share the recipe, which was shared with me by my sister, who got it from an Indian cookbook. It's very simple, and you can vary your pickles to your heart's content.

First, pick a jar. That way you know how many cucumbers to pick or buy! I used two huge ones from Lewis Creek Farm in a medium jar and had to eat a couple of pieces that didn't fit.
Second, cut the cucumbers up in the pickle shape you like. Silver dollars or spears, whatever.
Third, let the cucumbers "sweat" in a sprinkling for salt for an hour at room temperature. While the pickles are sweating, crush garlic and/or onion, saute if you'd like and pick spices or veggies for your pickles. I used black and red peppercorns and dill with raw garlic for a spicy flavor.
Once the cucumbers have sweated, stuff them into the jar with your spices and pour vinegar over the top. Push down any cucumbers that are sticking up. Put them in a fridge and wait a couple of days. Then eat them. Yum.

Yes, Greg and I were in Montreal last night, and we are going out of town again, which basically means the challenge is over for us. In Montreal, we both ate some chocolate (among other things, like tofu, brown rice and peanut sauce), and this morning I woke up grouchy and hangovery and thirsty from the sugar. It's nice to know that that refined cane sugar really is junk. It really does make me feel lazy, angry and depleted. I think I'll do my best to stay away from it from now on, though it is an important ingredient for frosting in its powdered form.
And to all the seamonsters, dudes, post some stuff while we're outta town!
Much love - Mandy


At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AMEN Mandy!!
Sugar is the worst drug. I really hate that I go on and off of the addiction. Once I read that the government only keeps in on the food charts because it is huge business.
On a positive note we would not have Shelburne Farms or the Museum without Domino Sugar Company.
Man it is love hate.
have fun on your trip

At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's domino sugar got to do with shelburne farms? i'll have to ask around...

At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is only the museum

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